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Osage Cemetery signRiverside Cemetery:  Located within Osage Township is Riverside Cemetery which was established in 1883. At the entrance is a map that can help identify where plots are located.

Riverside Cemetery is a non-profit association governed by the laws of the State of Minnesota. It has an elected Board of Directors and membership is determined by status of ownership of burial plots within the cemetery or volunteer service to the maintenance of the property. In the event of the cessation of a governing board, the responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the cemetery would, under the laws of the State of Minnesota fall to the Township. Volunteers are sought and welcomed to assist in the regular maintenance of the cemetery.

Current contacts: Barbara Southward at 763-242-7786 and Joan Edmonson at 218-573-2772
Mailing address: PO Box 353 | Osage, MN 56570


Osage Schoolhouse bellBell (behind Osage Community Center) The inscription reads:

"This bell was cast in 1898 and was placed in a belfry on top of a two-room school house in Osage, MN. In 1935 the bell was moved to a new District 31 school in Osage where students attended classes through eight grade, it sat on top of a pump house. The bell summoned several generations of children to school. It also alerted residents to assemble bucket brigades to fight community fires, and it rang for hours to announce the end of WW1. The mounting and restoration of the bell was donated by the family of James X. Henderson in the memory of their mother Tracy Henderson (1895-1983)."

Interview with Archie Henderson - Osage History

In the early days, Osage had churches, schools, a creamery, hardware store, post office, grocery store, hotel, lumber yard and a manufacturing company.

In 1940 the first schoolhouse was for grades 1-8 and attendance was for 6 weeks held in the spring. There were no school busses – kids walked to school. The bell hung in the entry way of the school and would be rung when Archie's mother wanted to call her kids. The bell was also used for the volunteer fire department. His mother was the individual who the school was dedicated to.

His father moved to Osage in 1914. Archie came from a family of 8. Archie lives in a century old home. His father was the first Democrat in Osage.

The creamery had an indoor boxing ring, which was used in the winter months for exercise. Transportation was by horse buggy and sleigh.

The mail carrier designed a model T truck with B25 wheels, the front had skis and wheels in the back, this allowed him to go over snow to deliver mail.

Horses were used to haul logs for building homes. Typical family had horses, cows, chickens along with a 20 gauge shot gun for protection of property from coyotes, foxes, or other animals after their farm animals. Beavers and muskrats were the reason for the demise of the dam in 1901.

There were two churches (Lutheran and Baptist). The name of the Lutheran church was Grace Lutheran. The church now located in Osage is Grace Community. Archie’s mother played the organ at the Lutheran Church and his father was responsible for the wood in the furnace at the Baptist church.

Archie Henderson’s family is in their 4th generation in Osage.

If you are interested in sharing your Osage family history please contact our Township Clerk Eileen Hache at 218-573-2393.